Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

(Its Not) Bored friday, Went to Mall Olympic Garden Malang

Hello... When I was bored in my boarding house, I told my friend to go to the mall.  
And we tried to wear some dress in some boutiques (forgot the name of boutiques :p ), finally we are so tired, and took a rest in passroom haha and what am I doing? mirror selfie :p LOL 
it's narcissistic of me (with sindy) in the passroom. (this is my outfit yeah :D)

and then, I was felt too hungry :( , we walked around and finally we found the "Hot Cui Mie" yeay ... I'm so hungry so we couldn`t take a pict the cuimie :p
There is a Favorite menu (from googling)
I like hot, but in Hot Cui Mie kurang deh pedesnya :( huu..
pardon me... Lemme take a selfie :D
 Where is my wallet ?

Bye :*

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